About Us

VIA MILES is a division of AL MAMZAR TOURS established in 2012. Our travel management division brings the quality and reputation with dedicated travel consultants who are committed to helping you make the right choice – no matter your location or need – in travel sectors.

Our comprehensive range of carefully selected travel products will satisfy the most discerning traveler with a complicated and demanding schedule.

With travel expenditure typically our customer’s second most significant controllable expense after salaries, we understand how important it is to get it right and maximize savings while never compromising on service. We are experts in policy management and supplier data analysis, as well as experienced negotiators using our consolidated bargaining power, relationships and leading-edge technology to locate the very best prices in the market.

Via Miles GCC division has hand-picked team highly qualified travel professionals understand our customer’s requirements - inside and out. The GCC office strategically located in Dubai, UAE. Along with corporate implant operations, Holidays department and destination management division, we are indeed experts in the field, combining vast experience, in-depth product knowledge and an unrivaled commitment to our customers.

Whenever you make a booking thorough Via Miles GCC, whether for business, pleasure or both, you can rest assured that your travel is in safe hands. We have the unique blend of a boutique operation’s customer- focused approach combined with the assets and connections of a large organization with the real dedication to every individual customer.


We are a company that does not sell trips but rather EXPERIENCES. In Via Miles GCC we create responsible tourism through which we aim to transmit the importance of appreciating and caring for our surroundings, the lands we live on, the different cultures, different ways to face life, all thanks to the workers that make it possible to provide customers with a great added value, which is a passion for travelling.



Our mission is to create experiences in our customers to allow them to see different cultures through flexible circuits with possible value for money.



To continue to be a leading innovative company in the tourist sector, aimed at the customers and wagering on technology, creativity, security and, above all, responsible and sustainable tourism.



The principles declared in the company are:

  • We are all Via Miles GCC. Therefore each of us is a principal asset of the company.
  • We do our work effectively, responsibly and rapidly, adapting to change.
  • We seek personal satisfaction and that of our customers.
  • Our behavior and our image must be a reflection of the seriousness and professionalism of the team we form.

Via Miles GCC respects the local cultures of each community and country in which it operates and the countries of origin of the passengers, adopting a committed attitude and trying to contribute to the socio-economic development of these places and to the awareness of their cultures.

Via Miles GCC takes respect for people and their dignity as a fundamental value, and subscribes completely to the declarations and agreements described in the criteria of action, point a).

Via Miles GCC is committed to sustainability, preserving the environment by adopting procedures to reduce the environmental impact of its activities.

Transparency is a fundamental principle for customers, shareholders, suppliers and generally for society, and creates a climate of confidence in Via Miles GCC’s business activity.

Via Miles GCC assumes the commitment of giving its customers full and precise information for their activities, providing shareholders with the relevant financial and corporate information, and contracting supplies in a framework of free competition.

Excellence is one of the fundamental values for Via Miles GCC, placing the satisfaction of customers, suppliers and employees at the center of our professional action.

Via Miles GCC action with the general interest groups and particularly with the workers is one of honesty and professional responsibility, creating value for the environment where it operates, and for its customers.

Via Miles GCC considers the capacity and contribution of each of its workers, and the values and principles that drive them.

Via Miles GCC has the obligation of protecting the personal and private information of each of its interest groups, and particularly that of customers, employees, shareholders and suppliers.

The requested personal information must be adequate and pertinent for the purpose for which it is required.

All information received must be safeguarded and only used for the purpose for which it was transmitted, respecting all rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition and all in accordance with current regulations in this area and the internal rules on the treatment and confidentiality of personal data.